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10 Reasons Why @innocent Is Our Favourite Brand On Twitter.

We're Not Joking.

Published On March. 2nd, 2016, at 5:00 p.m.

Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

1. When their #OscarsPredictions were spot on.

2. This "humble pie chart".

3. Their customer service, even when it's not about smoothies.

4. When their customer service is provided by a dog.

5. Their flawless marketing strategies.

6. Their ability to represent all of us British people.

7. When they help you realise how impractical milkshakes truly are.

8. When they know what their most important tweets are.

9. Their sound love advice.

As well as their Valentine's cards Here, Here & Here

10. The time that they made the first ever upside down hashtag trend.

Believe it or not this article wasn't sponsored (innocent contact us if you want to change that), we just love smoothies. 

If that wasn't enough funny from the wizards at innocent you can follow them on twitter here or Instagram or give them a like on Facebook (we recommend all three). You can also find us on twitter, Instagram and Facebook, oh and obviously you should share this article with your friends using the magical button things below.

Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

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