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This page is probably boring for most people however if you work for any news company or online media source of any kind and would like information from our PR team this is the place to contact us.

Uses For This Page

  • Statements about any of our articles for news sources.
  • Contacting us about something we've posted elsewhere.
  • Press Releases.
  • General information for an article.
  • Anything else regarding something we've published.

Please Note

This page is only for use by media outlets for information regarding us or content we've published. If you're a member of the general public please visit our "Contact Us" page to submit a general enquiry. 

To Contact Our Public Relations Team Please Email: pr@dimwitcentral.com

We try to respond to as many requests as possible however sometimes we may take three to five working days (sorry).

If you do choose to cover anything we publish or just the website as a whole please send us a link to your article as we would love to feature it here.