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How Innovative, Instagram Now Has Instagram Stories.

Please, Just Leave It To Snapchat.

Published On August. 3rd, 2016, at 00:15 a.m.

Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

Instagram has been getting progressively worse recently, it's all gone downhill since they released their new app design and icon. There's no reason to worry though because we now have "Instagram stories" which we think is a super original idea.

This marks the 6th time Facebook has (desperately) tried to clone Snapchat, (remember Facebook Camera, Poke, Slingshot, Bolt and Riff, We don't either.) 

Apparently Facebook (Instagram's parent company) also has a team in London working on another attempt (if you're keeping count that will be their 7th attempt).

Snapchat stories have so many more features, namely memories, better filters and lenses also more emoji to choose from however Snapchat recently decided to put all emoji in one continuously scrolling section with headings instead so toy have to scroll down through all of the emoji instead of sideways, now if you want any 'objects & symbols' you have to scroll all of the way to the bottom instead of swiping left to go to the next category. Snapchat's own stickers have recently been categorised and are three to a row, emoji are now seven (and too small). If Snapchat gave us numbers back for amounts of snaps and stories and if they fixed the emoji stickers situation it would be perfect.

Basically Snapchat will always win and Facebook just seems desperate now. You can see Instagram's video about Snapchat, we mean "Instagram Stories" below.

A video posted by Instagram (@instagram) on

There was this idiot (we didn't bother to expand the comment because no one cares).

Obviously people saw right through Instagram's "New" feature.

Someone went this far and it seems fair to Instagram.

This makes no sense so take our advice instead, just stick to Snapchat.


People are finally accepting Snapchat memories, you can save them only to your camera roll if you wish. There appears to be a bug when you save something you've already posted on your story. Even if you've got your settings to camera roll only, saving from your story also saves to memories, I'm sure they'll fix this though. Also if you sometimes hide your story from some people and it was on custom you could previously tap the already selected custom option to bring up a list of people, now you need to select friends or everyone and then switch back to custom to see the people list, this will probably be fixed too. Anyway, Snapchat reigns supreme (and Instagram are making Snapchat's awesome employees laugh so all is good).

We'll leave you with these two screenshots proving how dissimilar they are, anyway imitation is the best form of flattery. 

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Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

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