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Boris Johnson Attacked.


Published On June. 25th, 2016, at 20:10 p.m.

Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

Since our last article we've became aware of an MP (David Lammy) asking for parliament to 'defy the result of Britain's EU referendum' and four Brexit promises that have already been disproved; £350m a week for the NHS, Lowering immigration, Protecting the economy and taking back control (we don't even know what that last one was there for in the first place) The UK's European commissioner is also resigning and Farage had said he would call for another Referendum if Leave lost by a small amount (hypocrisy?). For all of the facts about the EU Referendum easily explained in one place please see here.  

Now what you actually clicked here for. When Boris Johnson (the UK's answer to Donald Trump) stepped out of his house he was greeted by what could appear to be some angry people. He was protected by a line of police when walking to his car. After people finally moved out of the way a lot of people on bikes stopped in front of his car to delay him. They were later moved by police and the video ends with his car going around the corner. 

These people on bikes just made us laugh.

We're not really sure what this man was doing with his shoes but okay.

Watch the whole video below.

Don't forget to share this article using the buttons below or at the top of this page. If you're still angry at the EU Referendum results these Brexit jokes might take your mind off it. If you want to read more news about the EU Referendum that actually makes sense please see here.


Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

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