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We're Getting 72 New Emoji.

And we don't need the selfie one.

Published On June. 2nd, 2016, at 18:42 p.m.

Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

Unicode 9.0 will be released in June 2016 (that's this year). There's a bunch of useful ones and some are outrageous (who needs an emoji of a baguette?). Take a look at our favourites below as well as some we found to be less than useful.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing. (Who doesn't need this?)

Bacon. (No comment needed, it's bacon)

Facepalm. (We're using this for all situations ever, we all have that stupid friend)

Shrug emoji (for when you don't understand someone but don't want to type.)

We're not sure why you'd need these ones.

We don't even know what this is, all we can assume is that he's a terrible basketball player.

Useless but we're sure that everyone on the internet who's obsessed with avocados will be overjoyed with this.  

This has no real use, we just think it looks cool.

There's always the new pregnant emoji to bring already ridiculous announcements into the 21st century. Why say it with words when you can just post an emoji?

This. (nothing to say about this one)

We also have some new animal emoji. Finally there's a Lizard. We also have a Rhino and a Gorilla for future generations to ask what they are. (RIP Harambe) 

And Now... Why We Hate This Planet.

We don't need it, we can already tell that you're taking a selfie, your plea for attention and your evident vanity.






Oh and Facebook decided to update their emoji but they're awful so we don't care.

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Images and emoji information via unicode.org (emoji candidates) / Words by Dimwit Central

Written By:
Dimwit Central Staff

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